Yellow Mushroom Pizza History

"We are truly one of the last mom and pop Pizza Parlors around"

Dale and Cindy Wegner opened their first Pizza place at 2nd Ave NE in Waseca, MN on November 7, 1968, and named it the "Pizza Parlor". They stayed at that location until 1973 when Dale had the current building built.

The brick from the 2nd Ave location was put into the entryway and hall. The stained-glass window in the upper dining areas and lower are original from the first location, and so are the tin lights in the corner by the fireplace.

In 1982, the restaurant's name was changed to "Yellow Mushroom Restaurant" because of its yellow roof. Dale and Cindy felt it was time to appeal to a more diverse customer base by expanding the menu and being known as not just a "pizza place", but a family restaurant. Also added in the 1980s was a delivery service known as "Pizza Express".

In 1993, ice cream was added to the menu and continues today with a large variety of flavors to choose from.

In 2016 the Yellow Mushroom was purchased by Richard and Kristin Guse. They will continue all the special recipes and add a few of their own.

Since the beginning, all spice recipes were mixed by hand and still are. They are then used in our own recipes for dough, sausage, and sauce which are also made daily by hand, "the old-fashioned way." We have also spent a lot of time finding just the right cheese for our pizzas. Every single ingredient on our pizzas is fresh and prepared by hand.

A lot of time, energy, and thought has gone into the pies we make for our customers. We care about our finished product, and we appreciate your patronage!


Freshly Cut Veggies and Other Ingredients

Freshly Cut Veggies and Other Ingredients

Community Centered for over 46 years

Community Centered for over 46 years